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ART store

A wide range of office, school supplies, drawing, crafts supplies, artistic and architectural tools for art and architecture students.
Various services in the field of Arts and Architecture.

College of Architecture and Art Services

All the necessary tools for students of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts.


Printed gifts

Virtual art gallery


Laser cut

Cut wood, Cut cardboard, Acrylic sheets


Variety of pencils, notebooks and presses …

Zain Cash

The electronic payment service is available through the Zain Cash wallet

Technical tools

Pencils, Colored pens, Watercolor, Acrylic colors, Oil colors, Pastel colors, Handicraft materials and tools

Create amazing artwork
with our Collection

-زقُومة متجر ألكتروني لبيع الأدوات الفنية والمعمارية zakumh craft
-زقُومة متجر ألكتروني لبيع الأدوات الفنية والمعمارية

Our vision

Zaقُumh seeks to meet the requirements of all young people, geek and creative people,
to create a creative artistic and architectural society.

-زقُومة متجر ألكتروني لبيع الأدوات الفنية والمعمارية zakumh art store

Who we are

Zaقُumh it is an online store selling artistic and architectural tools, from premium oil paint to glossy acrylic paints and colored pencils.
We strive to provide products at the best prices and high quality service that meet the requirements of our customers.

Express your art and bring out your creativity.

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Delivery service to all regions of
the Kingdom of Jordan



A unique variety of artistic and architectural tools.



Zakumh products are ordered via the Zakumh online store or via the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.



The shipment will be delivered within 3 days from the date of order confirmation.

Zakumh and Abstract

With the grace of Allah
A joint cooperation agreement has been concluded with the Abstract Center so that you can view all the center’s services (typing, design and advertising) through the platforms of our store “Zakumh”.
All our products will also be available in the center’s maternal section, located in Irbid – University Street opposite the Antiquities Gate, Engineer Mahdi Al-Tawafsha complex.

A frequently asked questions


Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary according to the region and the weight of the materials sent. There is a list of Jordanian cities and shipping rates to them.
Irbid Central : 2.00 Dinar
Irbid Villages : 3.00 Dinar
Mafraq : 5.00 Dinar
Zarqa : 3.00 Dinar
Amman : 3.00 Dinar
Southern regions : 5.00 Dinar
Ajloun : 3.00 Dinar

Quality of our store products?

Quality of our store products?

All of our products are original and high quality, we take great care to advise our customers before and after purchasing.