• Canson

    Canson (6)

    As the undisputed world market leader in the field of fine artist papers, Canson® produces, among other things, classic sketch, drawing, pastel, watercolor and acrylic painting paper. But also oil painting paper with bleed-through barrier, a wide variety of graphic paper, high-quality passe-partout cardboard and a large number of special papers. 450 years of experience guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability, so that artists of all kinds can always rely on the products.
  • Das

    Das (1)

    Modelling a legend. It is an invention that sprang from the creative flair of the poet and writer Dario Sala, from whom it takes its name. DAS is the most well-known and popular modelling paste for professionals, enthusiasts and children. With a mineral base, it dries in the air and produces solid and durable objects. It is particularly suitable for application on wood, cardboard and terracotta.
  • JOVI

    JOVI (2)

    The products of the Spanish company, Jovi, are characterized by high quality, especially the clay, which has bright colors, as it is characterized by easy handling of the possibility of using it with plastic, metal, and cardboard materials.